Shadowmate Golf Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

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Perfect Practice Putting Mat – Standard

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The official putting mat of Dustin Johnson.

2020 Indoor Golf Product of the Year!

Trusted and used by over 100+ PGA Tour Pros!

Perfect Practice Version 2.0 putting mats are an at-home or office solution to improving your golf game. A must have for the aspiring and professional Golf player. Work on your putt while at home or in the office. Perfect Practice putting mats have helps thousands improve their putting. Official putting mat of former World #1 PGA Tour pro Dustin Johnson.

Perfect Practice Putting mats are designed with a unique Crystal Velvet material allowing the golf ball to roll identical to a perfect green. Also included is an alignment "train-track" training to ensure a straight-back straight-through putting stroke. Auto Return Feature - no need to hassle the ball returns automatically.

Works great for right and left handed golfers. Lefty's can choose to use 2 or 4 feet of the ball return to allow them to stand comfortably over the ball.

STANDARD: Length 9' 6" by Width 15" with 2 hole training (regulation and reduced size)



  • Auto Ball Return
  • Drop in Back Stop
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • 10-14 Stimpmeter speed (dependent on underlying surface)

    Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition